MOT Checklist: 5 Steps to Prepare for Your Test

Everyone wants to pass their MOT first time, but, each year, one out of every three cars fail theirs! We’ve noticed that most failures are for basic issues that a simple visual inspection can prevent, so long as we all take some time before our test. If you complete this MOT checklist, you’ll have a much better chance of passing first time....
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18 March 2020

Why is the new Land Rover Defender such a big deal? - Richmond Land Rover

There’s an all new addition to the off-road family this summer. Land Rover are releasing the first redesign of the Defender in over 70 years – and here at Richmond Land Rover, we think it’s a big deal. Read on to find out why....
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17 February 2020

Can I still drive my Land Rover after a failed MOT? - Richmond Land Rover

If your beloved Land Rover fails its MOT test, it can be an uncomfortable time. You start questioning what your next steps should be. Don’t panic just yet though. If your Land Rover’s failed its MOT recently, we’re here to help. Here’s what your next steps should be....
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20 January 2020

The Three Most Important Things to Remember About Fitting A Spare Tyre - Richmond Land Rover

Fitting a spare tyre is one of those easy maintenance jobs many of us can do by ourselves. However, it’s always important to know how to do it safely. Even if you’ve changed a wheel before, it’s worth refreshing your knowledge on the most important practices to keep you safe while you carry it out....
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09 December 2019

Why should I get my Land Rover’s Diagnostics checked? - Richmond Land Rover

If your Land Rover isn’t driving as efficiently as normal, there could be a whole range of issues developing. But how do you know what’s wrong and what needs to be done to fix it? Well, here at Richmond Land Rover, we have a quick and simple diagnostics process to get to the root of the problem and get you back on the roads. So, how do you benefit from it?...
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27 November 2019

The best places to take your Land Rover this Autumn - Richmond Land Rover

Is there a better feeling than driving your Land Rover down a narrow country lane or through mudded woodland? Perhaps you know a great off-road route to test your driving skills on or, if you’re new to the 4X4 market, maybe you need a few helpful tips on where to drive your Land Rover off-road this Autumn. Here are our top three locations....
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14 October 2019