Can I still drive my Land Rover after a failed MOT? - Richmond Land Rover

If your beloved Land Rover fails its MOT test, it can be an uncomfortable time. You start questioning what your next steps should be. Don’t panic just yet though. If your Land Rover’s failed its MOT recently, we’re here to help. Here’s what your next steps should be.

In certain circumstances, a failed MOT doesn’t mean you can’t drive your car

It’s a very specific set of circumstances, however. Your first step should be to check whether your failed MOT is over a year since your last MOT test. If the answer is no, and the mechanic hasn’t found any dangerous faults, then you don’t need to get the repairs done instantly. You can drive your Land Rover away – but not for long. Always make sure to repair the faults and book an MOT retest to avoid getting caught without a valid certificate. In any case, we’d never recommend leaving the garage with a vehicle fault. You’re only putting your own safety at risk!

What about if there is a dangerous fault?

A dangerous fault does change things. If your vehicle is found to have one of these, you cannot drive it anywhere until the problem has been fixed. A dangerous fault poses a significant safety risk to you and other road users and a mechanic won’t let you leave the garage in a car which has a dangerous fault.

Is there any other way I can drive my Land Rover with a failed MOT?

No. Without a valid MOT certificate, you aren’t allowed on the roads. You face a significant fine from the police if you’re pulled over without a valid MOT certificate. The only way you can drive without one is if you can prove you’re on your way to a pre-booked MOT appointment – not if you’ve failed an MOT. If your previous MOT is no longer valid, you’ll need to pay for all the repairs and then wait for a retest before you can drive your Land Rover again.

Fortunately, most garages are sympathetic should the worst happen. Here at Richmond Land Rover, we’ll always explain exactly why we gave a failed MOT verdict and then discuss a suitable repair plan with you to make sure you can get back to doing what you love – driving your Land Rover.

If your MOT test is due, or you need any repairs following a failed MOT, book your appointment online today!