MOT Checklist: 5 Steps to Prepare for Your Test

Everyone wants to pass their MOT first time, but, each year, one out of every three cars fail theirs! We’ve noticed that most failures are for basic issues that a simple visual inspection can prevent, so long as we all take some time before our test. If you complete this MOT checklist, you’ll have a much better chance of passing first time.

The first step on your MOT checklist is inspecting your wheels

Worn or damaged tyres are incredibly unsafe, and you should always replace them as soon as possible. When checking your tyres, always look at the tread depth and if there are any punctures or other damage.

You need a tread depth of at least 1.6mm across all four tyres, but we recommend having at least 3mm as it’s much safer. If you can see the inner rim of a 20p coin when you place it in each groove, your tyres are far too worn. Replace them immediately. If you notice any frayed rubber, damage or punctures, then it’s also time to change the tyre.

Move inside next and check your safety

Have you got rubbish clogging up your footwells? Well, now’s the time to clear it all out! It’s more a point of courtesy for the mechanic than anything else. Would you want to deal with old crisp packets and empty drinks bottles when doing your job? Not only that, but if something gets stuck under the brake pedal, you might not be able to stop as quickly as you need to in order to avoid an accident!

Alongside that, check your horn and your seatbelts. Ensure your horn makes a loud, clear sound when pressed and that your seatbelts are free from damage and restrain you properly. But only test your horn when it’s legal to do so – most residential areas ban their use between 11pm and 7am!

Visibility is crucial

While sat in the drivers’ seat, make sure you can see out of your wing mirrors, rear-view mirror and windscreen without obstruction. If the glass is chipped or cracked, repair it before your MOT test. On top of that, remove any excessive air fresheners. If the garage thinks they obscure your vision, they might fail your MOT! If that’s new information, then this MOT checklist is working!

The most important part of your MOT checklist is your lights

The biggest cause of MOT failure is a faulty bulb. While checking your car, switch on all your lights to find any dim or broken bulbs. If you can, ask someone else to stand behind your car while you press your brake pedal to check your brake lights. If you’re doing this MOT checklist on your own, reverse up to a wall and check the reflection of the lights in your rear-view mirror.

Finally, test the level of your engine oil

Your car can’t run without engine oil. That’s why it’s such an important part of your MOT checklist.

To test your oil level, find the dipstick within your engine bay and pull it out. Wipe it with a clean cloth and insert it all the way back in, then remove it once more. If the oil line is close to the minimum mark, top up your oil reservoir with the correct oil for your car. Your vehicle handbook will tell you exactly what oil your car needs, where to find your oil tank and how to find your dipstick as well.

Now you’ve completed your MOT checklist, you’re ready for your MOT test proper. Here at Richmond Land Rover, we offer specialist Land Rover MOT’s alongside high-quality MOT tests for other vehicles. If you want a bespoke service for your luxury Land Rover, Book Online with the professionals in Richmond today!