The Three Most Important Things to Remember About Fitting A Spare Tyre - Richmond Land Rover

Fitting a spare tyre is one of those easy maintenance jobs many of us can do by ourselves. However, it’s always important to know how to do it safely. Even if you’ve changed a wheel before, it’s worth refreshing your knowledge on the most important practices to keep you safe while you carry it out.

Make sure you have the right equipment to fit your spare tyre

The worst thing you can do is fit a spare tyre when you’re underprepared to do so. You could end up in serious difficulty if you don’t have the following tools: a jack, a locking wheel nut, a high vis jacket, a warning triangle and, of course, a spare tyre. Not every car comes with these tools as standard, so make sure you check your equipment regularly so that you’re well-equipped to deal with a puncture.

Always fit your spare tyre in a safe place

We don’t want you to put yourself in danger while fitting your spare tyre. If you develop a puncture on the motorway, pull over onto the hard shoulder and wait for your recovery provider to reach you. If you develop a puncture in a place where there’s no obvious place to immediately pull over, put your hazards on and drive slowly until you find a safe place to stop. You might damage your rim slightly but that’s better than putting yourself in danger.

Make sure you’ve found the right jacking point

If you jack your car up in the wrong place, you risk it slipping off the jack during the procedure. If it does, you’ll might damage the wheel or suspension and you could end up injuring yourself. Check your vehicle handbook before you start fitting your spare tyre – it will tell you the best place to position your jack to keep you safe while you change the wheel.

Your car still needs work even after you’ve changed your wheel. A spare tyre can’t be driven on for very long, especially if it’s a space saver tyre. You can’t drive faster than fifty miles an hour if one of those tyres is fitted to your car. Bring your car to Richmond Land Rover as soon as possible for a professional tyre fitting appointment. We service all makes and models, with our speciality being Land Rovers. We’ll also take your old tyre off your hands and make sure your spare is still in good condition. If you’ve recently changed a wheel, why not book an appointment with us? You can book online right now!

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