Why is the new Land Rover Defender such a big deal? - Richmond Land Rover

There’s an all new addition to the off-road family this summer. Land Rover are releasing the first redesign of the Defender in over 70 years – and here at Richmond Land Rover, we think it’s a big deal. Read on to find out why.

A historic and prestigious model

The original Land Rover was first produced in 1948, a model which evolved into the original Defender over a continuous 67-year production cycle. For a vehicle with such a long history, any redesign which wears the same badge has got to live up to what’s come before. In the case of the Defender, ancient history weighs heavier than more recent history.

Only 15,000 Defenders were sold during the last year of production in 2016. So, while the new model doesn’t have large sales figures to live up to, it does have to hit the ground running. And that means breaking into the lucrative Chinese and American markets, where Land Rovers haven’t been sold for twenty years. This is a significant step for Land Rover as it looks to create a mainstream model for these new and exciting markets.

A Land Rover Defender to suit you

And what a new model it is. The new Land Rover Defender is a refreshing nod to the past in such a sophisticated, high-end world with its rugged and moderately utilitarian looks. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have suave, appeal and gadgets.

Not only are there over 170 individual, custom accessories, it comes with 4 distinct packs, depending on where your Defender is likely to be used. You can choose from Explorer, Adventure, Country and Urban and, in a huge step for Land Rover, the range of capabilities the Defender possesses is greater than ever before. This is truly a go-anywhere, do-anything vehicle for the 21st Century – exactly what a Land Rover should be.

A Land Rover Defender for the future

It’s also significant as it heralds a new dawn in the automotive industry. A mild-hybrid version is available straight off the bat and a full, plug-in hybrid version will be released in 12-months’ time. Such an iconic and instantly recognisable face of a previous era is now turning towards tomorrow and that can only be good news for Land Rover as a whole.

Here at Richmond Land Rover, we’re excited to begin servicing these new Defenders when they go on general sale in the summer. To tide ourselves over until that point, we’d be delighted to get your precious Land Rover back on the road! Whatever you need, book with a Land Rover specialist garage in Richmond online today.